Monday, 12 September 2011



everybody are busy with their new classes, new lectures, new lecture hall and new bla bla bla... my classes started yesterday with a heavy rain, wet cloth and wet shoes, tired of searching for classes and the great university health centre or pusat kesihatan uum, rejecting me because of the juniors, damn is sick!! nope but im dying and need a dentist at that time...:P ok the part of dying isnt happened! hehe...ok i want to do orthodontic treatment, because i have prob with my teeth, so i wake up at 4 am, ironing my cloth, eat breakfast, walking to the bus, waiting and cincai lah i arrived at the health centre before 8 am...apparently it is the firts day of class, so i have decided to go there,hoping that maybe i can do the treatment at that time...badly i said when i arrived and ask the nurse , the answer form her lips is just like a nuclear bomb is on my head...damn..
" adik , kami tak boleh buat, nanti mai ujung bulan 10 neh bizi dengan student baru"....

then, the bad luck started to be with me for the whole day. going to class with umbrella, wet cloth, wet shoes, many people, hungry lagi.. after class, i have decided to go out and searching for a dentistry clinic...i wait for the bus for 2 hours in the rain..! finally the bus came, and it looks like a 1945 bus...bocor all part of it, and clearly on its mirror stated that the bus is going to alor star, changloon, and jitra..and my destination is jitra!! when the bus start moving, without the aircond, no door... the conductor come to me and ask where to go, and at the second time the answer is just like i have been tortured by hitler...
"jitra bang"
"adik kami tak pi jitra, bas berhenti kat changloon saja"

wa la wei bangang...if u wanna send us until changloon, why you are not cover the word alor star and jitra on your window..damn again...giler bangang perasaan ketika itu... i dont have any mission at changloon lah, i wanna go to jitra...!!! the heavy rain really forced me to search for a toilet...then i saw mamak, i stopped and order limau suam, and go to the toilet, but the craziest thing is the worker at the mamak..really annoying and i think he is a sexual maniac...because he keep looking at me and my friend, we dont know why, and when he send our teh and limau suam, he keep playin with the cup... actually , we are really scared and my friend check the bottom part of the glass to makesure if he put sumthing in our drinks..seriously, to sip a little bit of the limau suam, i recite the kursi, the al fatihah, and bismiillah 10 times for a sip, and lastly we decided to left our drinks and act a little bit..then quickly go out from that mamak...thank god!! walk in the rain is not easy, with our class formal attire, people will look at you like you are the zombie. we walk along the road and waiting for a bus for 2 hours, in the rain while peole looking at us but never want to offer us a ride...bangang.!!

later, i ask for my friend to drive and take me but all the kereta sewa are friends to ask for help! seriously i wanna cry alot because if i was at home, everywhere i wanna go my mum and dad will send me..! when i stuck like that, in a small town with stupid taxi drivers, hutan everywhere you also will feel wanna cry...lastly i call my friend to take and send me to the clinic, but i have to pay because she make a business ..we go to the same place i have went before, bad luck touch me again, the clinic just move to a new place...ok fine..!! we find the place and luckily found it...registered at the counter, and i love the dentist because he didnt charge me for a ringgit..!! rezki, and luck a bit...we go back to kachi, and i paid rm 20 to the sis because helping me ,send and take me to the clinic... but still i have to face people with emo face!!

the moral story is, i need a car!! fullstop... seriously when you stay in uum, the main transportation is the public bus and lately the service is really bad...some of my good friends bring their car and bike.i dont know if i can stay like this anymore , i mean , im a girl if sumthing bad happen to me, what im gonna do!! surrounded by jungle, and the strict regulations to have the student sticker is really pressure me...and i wanna a car!!!!!!

for all kl and town students, you dont have to worry because you have lrt, monorel,, putra, rapid bus, metered taxi and bla bla bla....but for us who stayed near the jungle, small town with stupid and rude taxi driver not even have metered, the prebet sapu who doesnt have permit to take you, ok it is really make us stressed to live here...

p/s i really need a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Betui2. kalu xde transpot mmg susah nk gerak. Kalu ad moto pn dh kire ok. Lg2 student cm kite ni. :D