Saturday, 11 February 2012



hello all readers... few days a go, i am really not in the mood, feel sad all the time and keep asking my self , oh ho, it is because of my exam result.. not as good as i want it to be .. but alhamdulillah, i accept the fate and keep thinking that maybe i will become a better student after this :)  owh ok, ...  i know my intro is not very related to my entry..  owh ok, i am very sure that most students are in the mood of going back to college, sama la macam aku...  this thursday, aku blah time cuti-cuti neh jenjalan jap dengan member- member lama aku, kami neh dah bersama since sekolah rendah lagi.. so i am  going to declare that they are my BFF...  thanx to them .. :)

so, the plan was going around SP (sungai petani) but it end up in Bukit Mertajam Jusco...oh my,  aku layan jer la....panas area utara neh, tak ujan-ujan....  aku takder idea sangat nk merapu dan menulis ..aku share pics jer ler.. ok !

thanx for everything noh...  :) love you all

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