Friday, 10 June 2011

ALHAMDULLILAH may Allah bless her and her family... :)


Woke up  with a new spirit of writing.... hehehe....   juz  wanna tell  u  a  happy  story  from  me,...last nite  my  dear  friend  NOOR HIDAYAH  JOHAN  became a wife  and i  dont know  how  the situation  bcoz  i was not there.... not bcoz i dont love her, i want to but the location , its too far...her hometown is in KELANTAN, and i stay in KEDAH.... so  got the problem now???  happily to say that , we  actually  plan  her  wedding  and  buy  all  the   things  when  we  are  having  our  final  xzam... so what we do is, we buy all her  things at Alor Star, famously Pekan Rabu.....  and  got  all  from  there  at  a  very  minimum  price i tell u..!!! we juz show our sad face and told the owner there that we are students could u please give a cheaper price....  it  really  works ok.... not juz me and her, the hunting includes  NOORFADZILAH NORMAT , NURADILAH JAMERI , NOORDAHLIA SYAKIRA ,ME AND OF COZ THE BRIDE....  i think that is our memorable moment , i mean its fun but a little tired... but for a friend i will do anything....   her  wedding  or kenduri will be held this afternoon......  i dont know what are the dishes but confirmly there must be a meat, curry and etc....
in fact  we  altered her dress , shoes in our block .... we packing the bunga telor @ goodies for guest in there too....   we sleep at 3 am doing her wedding things.... so  its  memorable i think...!! love the mood at that time....  we  talk about our dream wedding with our dream guy... ehemehem..ehem,, so when i got her wedding  pics  i will share it here ok...   tears coming down my cheek rite now...!!! sob sob

so may  Allah  bless u and ur family....  sorry for not attending ur wedding.....   may  u live happily ever after with ur love.......  hehehe  :)

i wanna get married also....wahahahaha...  juz joking!!!

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